Our FITR- Food Incubators Transforming Regions – Project sees enormous potential in the food industry for stimulating community revitalisation and small business growth. FITR seeks to develop this potential by producing a range of resources to assist communities to successfully establish food incubator hubs. These food incubator hubs will cater for the growing numbers of emerging food entrepreneurs who are in urgent need of a place to produce, learn and grow.

Our aim is clear:

Food Incubators Transforming Regions aims to forge an effective & replicable model to provide the learning and structure to develop food kitchens & incubators as enterprise. This in return will spur productive & sustainable economic development through an increase in available resources to start small businesses and creation of jobs in this sector.


To achieve our aim, we will:

  • Establish 4 sustainable, sector focused Regional Partnerships to study and capture best practice in the development of Food incubators.
  • Create and publish a “The Essential Guide to developing a Regional Food Incubator” to focus on “how-to” strategies for food hub establishments and operations that are based on successful models operating in other regions and new concepts from across the globe.
  • Create and publish a course curriculum, guiding Vocational Education Teachers and Community and Economic Development Practitioners on the topics and skills most needed to establish and manage a Food Incubator.
  • Develop an intensive blended learning “How to set up and run a Food Incubator” course based on open education resources, targeting regional change makers in local government, development agencies, communities, businesses, not-for profits and others interested in establishing food hubs