Opportunities for Regions Toolkit

We believe the food industry has enormous potential for stimulating community revitalisation and small business growth. To develop this potential, our project has produced a range of resources to assist communities to successfully establish food incubator hubs. These food incubator hubs will cater for the growing numbers of emerging food entrepreneurs who are in urgent need of a place to produce, learn and grow.

The Food Incubators Transforming Regions Toolkit is a set of resources to help regions establish a “Food Incubator Regional Partnerships”. You can learn more about this innovative approach in our toolkit. Four Partnerships have been established to date, this toolkit records their experiences, the techniques and processes used, and the lessons learnt.

In this Toolkit:

Food Incubators Toolkit


Our Toolkit consists of a number of sections including: Rationale – the business case for investing in food incubators partnerships, and their transformative economics and social regeneration potential.

  • Tools – includes a variety of tools for supporting the creation of the partnerships
  • Creating Regional Partnerships – methodology presents the six step approach for creating the Partnerships

Editable Practical Tools and Resources


To help you establish and run a Regional Partnership

Editable marketing brochure


These can be adapted to your region and used to explain the concept, develop awareness and gain support.

Powerpoint template


Branded with the Food Incubators logo and colours, these can be freely used without copyright.

Sample Communications Statement


A useful starting point for any region’s discussions on what initiatives could and should be in their Partnership.

Editable Pop Banner graphic


A promotional banner which can be edited and used freely.