The project will be delivered by seven partner organizations from UK, Ireland, Slovakia and the Netherlands. They are drawn from the private, public and not-for-profit spheres but bring a shared commitment to excellence in the provision of education and training for food entrepreneurs.

The project is led by Banbridge District Enterprises (BDEL), which works to “support the development of enterprise through a partnership approach between the public, private and voluntary sectors”. BDEL has managed numerous international projects and its staff are experienced providers of business education, coaching and mentoring. They are experienced enterprise centre property managers so food infrastructure is a key priority at both organisational and regional level.

Momentum Marketing Services is a research and training organisation developing progressive learning programmes for enterprise and education organisations with specialization in food. Their credentials in developing innovative business models for food incubators are unsurpassed in Ireland.

Roscommon Integrated Development Company (RIDC) works to promote and engage in enterprise and community development, facilitating rural and urban regeneration. RIDC is an adept manager of public funds including LEADER EU funds. They have a very strong mandate and reach in the food sector at regional level and has a strong network of local development contacts throughout Europe.

Canice Consulting (CC) is a Northern Irish consultancy with a long track record in economic development consultancy and a specialization in online learning and ecommerce training. They will use their pedagogic and technical expertise to transfer the course content into a multimedia training resource, easily accessible online and through mobile devices.

Business Development Friesland (BDF) is based in one of the leading agri-food regions of Netherlands. They have been involved in many EU food business support and training initiatives. In addition they have set up and run a business incubator and are dedicated to training for start-up businesses.

Slovak University of Nitra is a widely respected Higher Education Institute with a long and proven engagement in agrifood education and research, they are the premier provider of research services to the agrifood sector in the Nitra region and are highly experienced in EU programmes.

New Edu are also based in the Nitra Region in Slovakia and are providers of innovative learning to the agrifood sector. They have a comprehensive network of local and national partners, particularly in the food sector and have impressive policy reach & influence.